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Workload Tracking

Track athlete workload to avoid overloading or highlight those that need the push.

With our workload module you can:

  • Collect exertion ratings after each training session and fixture via automated surveys.

  • Integrate your wearable tech and customise the metrics you track.

  • View any additional sessions your athletes have done with our athlete-added sessions tool.

  • See crucial workload concerns via our unique insights to detect overloading issues or unpreparedness in your athletes.


Wellness Monitoring

Wellness data can provide whole new insight into the conditions of your athletes.

With our wellness module you can:

  • Set up a wellness schedule to automatically send custom wellness surveys to monitor sleep quality, stress and more.

  •  View wellness breakdowns for each athlete to see the factors that affect their performance.

  • See intelligent insights that highlight problems like poor nutrition, substandard school-life and inconsistent hydration.

  • Compare athletes across your team to visualise important trends.


Athlete Testing

Track athlete test data to ensure the right programme is prescribed, ensuring development.

With our testing module you can:

  • Track athlete progress across an ever-growing library of exercises.

  • View team averages, lowest and highest athlete test scores.

  • Track athlete personal bests and see how their scores compare overtime.


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Feedback & Injury Reporting

Providing athletes with feedback and things to work on are all important factors for athlete development.

With our platform feed you can:

  • Leave and receive comments for individuals, groups or the whole team.

  • Provide feedback for athletes to work on their lifting techniques or exercise routines.

  • See any injuries that have occurred (hopefully none).


Schedule & Attendance

Ditch the whiteboard or generic calendar. Place all meetings, sessions and fixtures in one place for your entire team to see.

With our schedule you can:

  • Easily set up the season ahead in the calendar. Athletes will receive notifications for each event so they don't miss anything.

  • Assign athletes to sessions and track who attended.

  • Add your workload data to the relevant sessions.

  • Attach session notes such as descriptions and work-ons.



Lucy Smith

Jay Henderson


Team Management

It can be hard to manage multiple athletes and teams in a club or school without any structure.

With our team management tools you can:

  • Manage accounts by adding the athletes and staff you want.


  • Allocate staff to a single team, or add admins to oversee it all.

  • Set up multiple teams and customise them to your needs; e.g. first team, reserves, rugby, football, senior girls/boys, etc.

  • Seamlessly move athletes in and out of teams or across multiple.


The Monitr mobile app

Have you and your athletes downloaded the Monitr mobile app yet?

  • Receive notifications about upcoming sessions and when comments or feedback are left.

  • Athletes can easily complete their surveys in seconds and are notified when they have surveys to complete.

  • You and your athletes can view overall condition, see concerns or insights, and track performance.

  • Athletes can report any injuries they may have suffered.

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