Helping strength & conditioning coaches develop great athletes.

Introducing the easy to use, all-in-one athlete development platform for strength & conditioning coaches.


Collecting athlete data is no small task. That's why we made things easy.

  • Customisable, automated surveys.​

  • Athletes can add their additional sessions.

  • Integrate your wearable tech.

  • Control the metrics you track.

  • Upload athlete test data.



Waste no more time trying to make sense of your spreadsheets. We streamline the analysis process.

  • Store your data in one place.

  • Clear visualisations of athlete conditions.

  • Insights show the key concerns.​

  • See trends across your athletes.

Forget about emails, basic calendars and social media platforms. We provide the right tools in one convenient location.

  • Set up schedules and track attendance.

  • Provide and receive comments.

  • Injury reporting.​​​

  • Two-way communications feed.

Monitr mobile app

Have you and your athletes downloaded the Monitr mobile app yet?​​​

It's the perfect way to complete surveys, track performance, communicate and view schedules on the go.

"Komodo Monitr does an excellent job of streamlining the entire athlete development process, making it easier for players and coaches alike."

- Sean Morris

CD Almuñecar City & FC Malaga City Academy

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Christchurch, New Zealand

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