Helping strength & conditioning coaches develop great athletes.

Introducing the easy to use, all-in-one athlete development platform for strength & conditioning coaches.


Collecting athlete data is no small task. That's why we made things easy.

  • Customisable, automated surveys.​

  • Athletes can add their additional sessions.

  • Integrate your wearable tech.

  • Control the metrics you track.

  • Upload athlete test data.



Waste no more time trying to make sense of your spreadsheets. We streamline the analysis process.

  • Store your data in one place.

  • Clear visualisations of athlete conditions.

  • Insights show the key concerns.​

  • See trends across your athletes.

Forget about emails, basic calendars and social media platforms. We provide the right tools in one convenient location.

  • Set up schedules and track attendance.

  • Provide and receive comments.

  • Injury reporting.​​​

  • Two-way communications feed.

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It's the perfect way to complete surveys, track performance, communicate and view schedules on the go.

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"Komodo Monitr does an excellent job of streamlining the entire athlete development process, making it easier for players and coaches alike."

- Sean Morris

CD Almuñecar City & FC Malaga City Academy

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